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Saturday, 19 May 2012


Korang pernah terfikir tak dengan kerja dan waktu solat korang? bukan nak cakap aku baik sangat, tapi just terlintas pasal soalan yang aku pernah jawab dulu..masa tu kami ditugaskan create sites kat google, untuk subjek As-sahafah fil Islam(kewartawanan dlm Islam pada semester lepas-sem5)..and assignments kitorang berdasarkan soalan yang ustaz tanya dalam tu la..and ada satu soalan tu berbunyi macam kat bawah ni..and jawapan tu plak originally from me hokeh!hehe alhamdulillah masa tu dapat award sites/jawapan terbaik la plak kan..untuk tajuk tu jela sekali aku dapat..kalau nak tengok yang lain, silalah ke sites aku naaa..
soalan yang ustaz bagi tu situation dia sama macam dalam buku Travelog Wartawan Islam yang aku dah beli semester lepas(ustaz yang promote kami beli and tak rugi sebab best and berinformasi untuk bakal wartawan Islam) korang pelik ke fonts atas and kat bawah ni lain-lain? memanglah lain, hehe..aku kopi pes je dari site aku..tak salah kan?sebab that site pon aku punye..ade unsur plagiarism ke kat sini?watever pon it's still on my words..ok..selamat menambah ilmu!

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Question: "You are the journalist in one of the well-known Malaysian Press. One day, you have to attend one press conference that conducted during the Maghrib prayer (tentatively from 7pm until 9pm). Therefore, there is clash of interest between your career advancement as journalist (the career that you are keen on) and your obligation as a Muslim to perform the prayer. So, what would you do in this situation?


siti fatihah Kamsah - Oct 21, 2011 6:32 PM
Islam is the way of life. It is also the religion that will never burdened its servants. So, we as a Muslim must thank to Allah that we may do and work for what we want to do as long as its not Haram and will disturb our way to get Allah's blessed.

As in the above situation, I think if im the Islamic journalist who are keen on this work for along before, I must find the best solutions for me to choose and I believe that Allah will help me for going through the difficulties as long as we know what we work for. The important thing is also our intention to the work. If we perform the solah even in the right time, but our intention to cover that big event is to get the directors praised us, there is still no use.

So, there might be the best solutions for Islamic journalist who are in the great depressed whether to fulfill the responsibility as the reporter of a well-known Malaysian Press, or being an obedient Muslim to its Creator. For me, there are some ways to solve the problems instead of being the good journalist and also the obedient servant to Allah.

As long as we want to perform the solah while waiting for the source of news to come, we may take an alternative that is we can get the wudhu' first, but it can be better if our body is always in wudhu' condition. This will be easier for us to perform solah in order to save the time as long as we do not want the news left us. I said so because if our body is always in wudhu', we may perform the solah everywhere without going to the musolla or mosque that will costs us a lot of time to go there, as long as the place is clean. To be safe, we might be able to bring a small sejadah with us in the bag as the size won't take much space.

So, the other way is Jama' ta'khir. We can perform the Maghrib prayer after the event called off, in the time of Isya'. This is because the great depressed of work also called 'dhorurah' which means we might not be able to do the responsibilty as a Muslim because of certain condition. But it is also depends on our intention. For example, like the 'musafir', if he or she wants to perform jama' ta'khir or jama' taqdim, the intention to go to the place that he go must be good. If he or she go there just to do waste thing or 'maksiat', so the solah that he jama' are useless because there is no good intention, while just to do forbidden things.

So, for me, as long as we know what we do is right, and not break the syariah's rules, so we may go through of what we want to do. If we left the event for a while before the source of news come, just because to perform solah, I think it is not a fault because I believe even if we left such the great news, Allah is there for us to give us the more better gift. There is hikmah for all things that happen in this world. Insya Allah..

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